Why Choose Us?

We pride ourselves on our quality, workmanship, professionalism and the materials we use. Take a look at what we offer and compare the difference:

Rendering Effects:

  • Derived from a hard glassy mineral with organic compounds
  • Recycled materials
  • UV friendly pigments
  • Insulating qualities
  • Breathable (masonry
    walls need to breathe)
  • No on-going
Other bagging/
rendering companies:

  • Synthetic & acrylic renders and paints
  • Contain chemicals, eg hydrogen, cyanide, acetylene…
  • Non-breathable
  • Maintenance required, eg: re-painting
  • Standard bagging deteriorates quite quickly


All bricks and mortar contain salts. When your masonry walls absorb moisture or become wet, these salts will surface on the face of your masonry wall (this is known as efflorescence).

This is very common on the lower courses of homes through rising damp, as well as fences and retaining walls that are exposed to the weather.

If these salts are allowed to surface and naturally weather away, they can be practically harmless to your masonry wall or render.

On the other hand, if you apply a coat of paint or acrylic products to your masonry walls or render, you are, in effect, trapping these salts between the face of your masonry wall or render. This is when these salts become harmful.

The salts become acidic and very quickly break down not only the paint, but also your masonry or rendered walls, causing blistering and failure of both surfaces. Most bagging/rendering companies use synthetic & acrylic renders and paints. They also contain chemicals, like hydrogen, cyanide and acetylene, which makes them non-breathable.

Bagging_RenfecThis is what you can expect from typical bagging and rendering companies. Their products are not as advanced as ours and therefore require either re-painting or maintenance after only a couple of years.

Bagging_Other CompaniesRenfec have developed a style of high quality, textured render with consistent colour throughout. Our product is made of high strength pigments which are made to endure! Renfec’s product is pure, high-tint strength and long-lasting. We are able to provide our customers with a variety of colours to suite every project.

Salt Stains_Brick WallSalt stains on an untreated brick wall

Salt under acrylicSalts trapped beneath acrylic render